A love letter to the father of my children

This year Father’s Day has been a huge reminder of how crazy in love I am with you -  and how much it has grown since having children together.

Unlike most women, I got to “test drive” your parental skills, since you already had two small children when we started dating. So when we knew that things were serious with us, I paid close attention to how you parented, and I loved what I saw.

Then, when our son was born, it was like a set of explosions went off in my heart. The first from the birth of our sweet little guy, and the second from seeing the man I love in totally new, and amazing light.

Seeing you hold our sleeping baby in your arms, has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. When our son was born, you may recall me tearing on several occasions while watching you hold our tiny little being in your arms. There was something so vulnerable and sweet, yet so strong and protective.

While I always knew you cared a lot about being a dad, I got to experience it more deeply when we had children together. Being a great husband and father is hugely important to you. And you don't just care about doing the big things well, you pay close attention to the little, subtle things that mean so much. You know they are watching, learning and absorbing everything we do, and you want to provide a healthy example for them so they can grow into thriving adults. I notice kids – ours and others – feel at peace with you and trust you, almost immediately.

You’ve also made me a better mother. You handle so many things with grace and ease, and during those first few months of parenting, when everything was new and scary and wrought with self-doubt, you helped me trust in myself, my instincts and helped me build my confidence as a new mother. Even today, I still feel like I’m taking copious mental notes on what you do, and how you do it, so I can absorb as much as I can and continue to up my parenting game.

Finally, you’re giving our kids an example of how to be a truly supportive partner, who loves unconditionally and who also challenges me to be at my best, while embracing me when I’m not. I feel so deeply cherished and adored by you, and I know it leaves an impression on our kids - one that I hope will help them navigate their own relationships and sense of self-worth in a healthy way because they have this example to look to.

For these things, and many many more, I’m so grateful that you are the father of my children. So on this day, thank you and I love you so much.